Parent Support Provider

NAMI Indiana is offering a one-week training course for parents, guardians or full-time caretakers, who want to work in the children's system of care. Trainees will learn the skills needed to provide support to families with a child who is living with mental health challenges or serious emotional disturbances.

The candidate must have two years experience parenting or caring for a child with complex mental health and/or substance use disorders within the past eight years. This experience of navigating the necessary mental health and child-care systems will make them the ideal peer support provider.
Currently many IN Certified Parent Support Providers are employed as part of the WRAPAROUND Service Program. 

NAMI Indiana will provide training for people from around the state to attend a training and help accomplish the first major step in earning a new certification to work in this field. Through a newly designed certification, known as the Indiana Certified Parent Support Provider (IN CPSP), a person will learn to help families navigate the many aspects of caring for a child with unique needs. These needs can include identifying community resources, crisis planning, medical record keeping, goal setting, self-advocacy skills, and much more. 

Along with the IN CPSP training, the CPSP will use his/her personal experiences to help and support other families who are caring for a child with mental health needs.

At the bottom of this page, you will find an IN CPSP sample job description and a White Paper, describing the purpose of the IN CPSP. 

To become a Certified Parent Support Provider, a candidate must submit an application and resume, move through the screening process, and complete the 40-hour training course, which includes a post-course exam and course evaluation. This initial training will cover topics including:

Children's Mental Health
Family Support Services
Indiana Systems of Care
Trauma Informed Care
Juvenile Justice
School Systems

Currently many IN Certified Parent Support Providers are employed as part of the WRAPAROUND Service Program. 

Benefits of CPSP training include:
Gaining skills for jobs of the future
Using lived experiences to help shape Indiana's systems of care
Gaining additional expertise for people currently working in systems of care
Providing feedback on how this training will look in the future

Training Date - January 22, 23, 24, 28, 29, 2019  Time:9AM-5PM 
                        Location - Indianapolis,  Place -TBD 
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