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Membership and Giving

Making a Charitable Gift

NAMI Indiana is a 501(c)3 public charity, and your gifts are tax deductible as allowed by state and federal laws.

Important: when you give to NAMI Indiana, your donation achieves statewide impact. It allows us to train new program leaders across the state: teachers, support group facilitators, In Our Own Voice presenters, and criminal justice professionals. It also increases the impact of our advocacy initiatives at the Indiana State House and in partnership with state agencies like the Department of Mental Health and Addiction.

A gift to a local affiliate, like NAMI Indianapolis, helps make possible local support groups and courses, and supports local coalition-building and community outreach. Finally, a gift to NAMI (the national organization), supports the development of new national education curriculum and advocacy on Capitol Hill.

Joining as a Member

When you join as a NAMI member for $35, you become a voting member of NAMI at the national, state, and local levels. Member benefits include NAMI's national magazine, The Advocate; member discounts on national, state, and local events and other items; national convention registration discounts; access to NAMI's online member community and more.

Important: when you become a member, you gain influence on the governance of NAMI at all three levels. You become eligible to vote in national, state and local board elections, and for policy platform changes. Also, your membership fee is split three ways: $10 is distributed to the NAMI national organization, $3 heads to NAMI Indiana, and the balance - $22 - is distributed to your local affiliate.

Join as a NAMI Member today.

(Once you register with the national organization, you can also use this login to check the status of your membership.)

Open Door Memberships: if you wish to join as an official member of NAMI but cannot afford the $35 fee because of financial hardship, please contact your local affiliate or our office to join for a significantly-reduced rate.