Dr. Will Miller

Isolation and the American Mental Health Crisis: Connecting Dots

The research is abundant that disconnection and social isolation is a profound contributor to the mental health crisis in American life.

Dr. Gary Bond

Work is a Key to Recovery

Most people with mental illness want to work, and those who find and keep meaningful jobs report that working greatly aids their recovery process.

Financial Planning

Jill Ginn, Assistant Trust Director, The Arc Master Trust

The Arc Master Trust provides a way for people living with a disability and their families to plan for the future, without endangering eligibility for government programs.

Financial Planning

Amy M. Corbin, Executive Director, Indiana ABLE Authority

Indiana Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) accounts, allow for individuals with disabilities to save for their future and pay for disability related expenses without jeopardizing access to public benefits. The intent of these accounts is to ease financial burdens on individuals with disabilities to allow for tax-free savings to cover qualified expenses including, but not limited to, education, transportation, housing and medical needs.

Medical Legal Partnerships

Rakuya K. Trice, JD, Directing Attorney, Medical Legal Partnerships Team, Indiana Legal Services, Inc.

Medical Legal Partnership s(MLP) provides free, civil legal representation to mental health patients . The goal of the MLP is to provide individualized legal services to patients in a manner that has a significant, positive impact on health-harming issues such as access to clean and safe housing, access to food, and income maintenance.

Understanding the “Spectrum of Assistance” for Vulnerable Adults: Legal Guardianship and Less Restrictive Alternatives

Erica Costello, Staff Attorney, Adult Guardianship Office, Indiana Supreme Court

Ask the Doctor - Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Mallery Neff, MD/MPH, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics; Assistant Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, IU School of Medicine

The ask the doctor workshops give you an opportunity to ask questions of an expert in their field. Dr. Mallery Neff graduated from IU School of Medicine, and completed Triple Board Residency training there as well. She has experience in working with children both as a general pediatrician and child psychiatrist. She has experience in multiple areas of psychiatry, but her primary focus has been children and adolescents requiring acute inpatient or residential care.

NAMI Indiana Peer Leadership Council

Ann E. Ruth, Peer Leadership Council Representative, NAMI Indiana Board of Directors

The Peer Leadership Council, made up of people who have the lived experience of having a mental illness, acts as a “voice” for persons living with a mental health diagnosis, and is an advisory body to the NAMI Board of Directors.

Ask the Doctor

The ask the doctor workshops give you an opportunity to ask questions of an expert in their field.