Across Indiana, more than ever before NAMI affiliates and their members are engaged in support and educational outreach to clergy and communities of

faith. NAMI is committed to a holistic approach to health and wellness. That means addressing the whole realm of an individual; the bio-psycho-social-spiritual components of one's personhood.

Outreach through NAMI FaithNet can be the catalyst for changing minds, sharing hope and offering life-saving help. NAMI FaithNet aims to educate faith-based groups about serious mental illnesses by discussing the role which faith communities can have in support and referral, and by telling them about NAMI education, support, and advocacy programs.

Through NAMI FaithNet, we are changing attitudes, touching hearts, and bringing hope.

If your NAMI affiliate or members are building bridges with faith communities, please write Linda Williams at and tell us about your activities.

FaithNet across Indiana

NAMI Fort Wayne FaithNet - Paula Rice, FaithNet Program Coordinator, - Learn more

NAMI West Central Indiana FaithNet - contact the office 765-423-6939 - Learn more

NAMI Delaware County FaithNet - contact the office 765-702-3405

Tool Kit

NAMI FaithNet encourages the observance of national awareness campaigns in faith communities. A quick Google search on any of these campaigns will unearth more than enough ideas and tools to plan a strategy.

Start simple. Just choose a month and start planning!

The most common awareness campaigns are:

  • May - Mental Health Month

  • First Week of May - Children's Mental Health Awareness Month

  • July - Minority Mental Health Month

  • September - Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

  • First Week in October - Mental Health Awareness Week

  • October 9 - National Day of Prayer for Mental Illness Awareness and Understanding

  • October 11 - Depression Screening Day

NAMI offers creative tools, logos and activities for promoting awareness.

Free virtual event brought to you through the partnership of Center for Interfaith Cooperation (CIC) and NAMI Indiana

The Best Gift I Can Give My Family: End of Life Planning

Wednesday, August 19, 12-1pm via Zoom

It is not easy to talk about death or think about our own. However, there is a pragmatic side to doing so. There are many practical details that need to be taken care of when someone passes, and many can be taken care of before death. We can help make life and the grief experience easier for our loved ones, if we take care of some of the necessary details before we die, thereby making it easier for them to mourn our death. We invite you to join us as we talk about the practicality of giving the best gift possible to our own family.

To register, send an email or to AmeriCorps member Robin Thompson ( You will receive an email confirming your registration and a link 24 hours before the meeting. Please do not share the link with others. To avoid potential issues and trolls, you must be registered to be admitted to the meeting.

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