NAMI Indiana influences how mental health treatment and support services are provided in Indiana in two main ways:

1. Through our presence in the Indiana legislature and relationships with our policymakers, we represent the interests of families and those living with serious mental illnesses. We educate elected officials, help to shape legislation, and support or oppose pending legislation that has a direct effect on our members and constituents' quality of life. As a public charity, we engage in a limited amount of lobbying in session (influencing votes for specific bills), and focus efforts on providing data, commentary, and training for volunteers who help our policymakers to keep mental health issues at the forefront of their public agendas.

NAMI Indiana takes positions on proposed bills currently moving through the General Assembly. Check on our Public Policy Committee page to see the bills we're following.

2. Through our work with Indiana's executive branch and its many agencies, we represent and empower families and those living with serious mental illnesses to provide feedback and analysis of important planning, rules, policies and procedures. Our work with Systems of Care, which you can explore under Projects (to the right), is one example.