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Public Policy Committee

The NAMI Indiana Public Policy Committee (PPC) meets every third Wednesday between 10:30am-12:30pm. PPC guides NAMI Indiana in the creation of its public policy platform and legislative priorities. For PPC meeting documents, click here.  

We are always looking for new members! For more information about PPC, or to join the committee, please email Barbara Moser at 

The NAMI Indiana Public Policy Committee at the annual 
"Meet and Greet" at the Indiana Statehouse. 


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Below you will find NAMI Indiana's position statements on the issues and a link to more information. 

Death Penalty - NAMI Indiana opposes the death penalty for people living with serious mental illnesses. 

Mental Health Parity - NAMI Indiana seeks and promotes equal access to services and benefits for people living with mental illnesses, in both the private and public sectors. 

Psychiatric Crisis Services - In 2014, SEA 248 was signed into law, directing the Indiana Division of Mental Health and Addiction to conduct a study of the psychiatric crisis intervention services in Indiana. Click here to download the report. 

Neuro-Diagnostic Institute and Closure of Larue Carter Hospital - In December 2015, Governor Pence announced plans to build a neuro-diagnostic institute as a modern addition to the state's mental health system. While the new facility will not be a replacement for Larue Carter Hospital, the opening of the NDI will correspond with the closure of Larue Carter Hospital. 

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Criminal Justice
Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT)
Mental Health Funding

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