Striking out stigma one pin at a time!

Whether you bowled a perfect game or threw gutter balls, we had a great time striking out stigma and were so glad you were able to join us whether in person or virtually. Thanks to your generosity, this year we raised an unbowlievable $13,000! NAMI will put these record-breaking funds to use providing educational programs across the state. We thank you for 'getting the ball rolling' on our 2018 classes!

Friday, October, 6th 
5 P.M. – 9 P.M.
Woodland Bowl 
3421 E. 96th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46240

Event Rules:
  • Each bowling team must consist of 6 members (including the team captain.)
  • Team Captain is responsible for recruiting 5 other bowlers.
  • If you’re interested in becoming a captain, download the Captain Guide Handbook by following this link. 
  •  Each team is encouraged to set a goal of $250. 
  • Show up and have FUN!!!     

Additional Details:
  • Prior to the event, each team will be assigned a lane
  • Light snacks will be provided
  • Prizes will be awarded at the end of the night to the team and individual that raises the most money.

Where does my donation go?

  • $40- materials for 1 person to take a 12 week Family-to-Family class or a 10 week Peer-to-Peer class at no cost to the Participant
  • $1,000- materials for a class of 25 to receive Family-to-Family at no cost to participant
  • $2,000- provides teacher stipends and materials for a class of 25 to receive the Peer-to-Peer training at no cost to participant
  • AND charitable donations support all advocacy initiatives at the Indiana State House and help make possible critical public policy work.

#StrikeOutStigma Bowl-a-thon

Questions? Contact Richard Dixon at 1-800-677-6442 or

2017 Strike Out Stigma FUNdraising leaders:

#Team NameAmount Raised
1The Virtual Ten Pins$ 5,750
2Gutter Gang$ 669
3David and the Davettes$ 593
4Preston Pins$ 500
5Hendricks Therapy$ 400
6Bedel's non-Bowlers$ 395
7Aspire Indiana$ 377
8Behavioral Choice - a Division of iSalus Healthcare$ 340
9UIndy Bowlers$ 260
10Kid Power$ 120
11Chamberlain College of Nursing Team 2$ 105
12Circle City Clubhouse$ 90
13Chamberlain College Of Nursing Team 1$ 60
14NAMI Greater Indianapolis$ 50
15Aspire Indiana 2$ 50
16Spare Me$ 50
17Circle City Clubhouse Deux$ 30
#IndividualAmount Raised
1Mike Kempf$ 5,750
2Richard Dixon$ 629
3Linh Preston$ 500
4David Spradley$ 465
5Mary Bedel$ 395
6Tammie Borders$ 350
7Jacqui Cook$ 200
8Blake Head$ 160
9Jordan Waldron$ 140
10Betsy Evans$ 110
11Michelle Weiss$ 105
12Joan Showalter$ 100
13Michael Joson$ 77
14Alex Wade$ 75
15Evan Hitchcock$ 70
16Adam Kaiser$ 60
17Chelsea Giuffre$ 60
18Pam Stachler$ 50
19Madison Teskey$ 50
20Joana Goff$ 50
21William Senat$ 50
22Angela Meyer$ 50
23Nathan Kuhns$ 40
24Andrew Yuen$ 40
25Matt Kelly$ 35
26Scott Condes$ 30
27Rose Herndier$ 30
28Mike Marqua$ 30
29Jason Carver$ 20
30Jabari Bradshaw$ 20
31Kevin Conwell$ 20
32Monica Salazar$ 20
33Gina Marqua$ 20
34Alex Crump$ 18
35Matt Fowler$ 10
36Adam Todd$ 10

Thank you to our generous sponsors: