Youth and Family Subcommittee

Indiana's Systems of Care is grounded upon creating a culture of inclusiveness for youth & family participation in all levels of SOC planning, decision-making, policy implementation, monitoring, and process improvement. Youth & families can become active voices and partners by participating in the Youth and Family Subcommittee (or by being an active participant in their own local SOC governance).

Coming Soon: 2019 Development Meetings:

Stipend Reimbursement:

YFSC Development Meetings: $25.00 stipend available for attendees who have been to a New Member Orientation

YFSC Orientation Meetings: $25.00 stipend available for those who are attending this orientation for the first time (anyone can attend as much as they like but stipend is only available for your first attendance)

IN-SOC Systems of Care State Board Meetings: $25.00 stipend only available to those YFSC members who are scheduled to sit as voting representatives

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