About NAMI In

NAMI Indiana is the state organization of the National Alliance on Mental Illness. We are a grassroots public charity helping people living with serious mental illnesses, their families and friends. We support local NAMI Affiliates, train volunteer leaders, provide continuing education for professionals, and partner for systems change at the state level.

NAMI Indiana provides legislative advocacy, support, education, and training programs for people and groups across Indiana. Here's why:


Research indicates that as many as 1 in 17 people (about six percent), or more than 380,000 Hoosiers, is living with a serious mental illness (SMI) like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, major depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). These brain disorders can be debilitating and substantially affect the lives of individuals, families and our communities.


Serious mental illnesses are biological and treatable, and medication and psychosocial therapy often work. Recovery is possible.


There are major gaps in treatment and support in Indiana and across the nation. Community mental health centers and state facilities treat more than 100,000 people annually in our state. Private hospitals and other providers treat more, but private insurance very often falls far short in coverage for treatment and support. There are more people treated for serious mental illnesses in our state correctional facilities than in our state hospitals.

Indicators are that only about half of those in Indiana who need treatment are getting it—we must do better. We can do better. 


Through a network of 16 local affiliates across the state, NAMI Indiana facilitates education, support, and advocacy programs to improve the quality of life for people living with serious mental illnesses, their families, and their friends. NAMI programs are research-based and peer-led.

We are also a leading partner for government and nonprofit health, criminal justice, human services, education, and housing agencies. We provide continuing education, training, and policy analysis for those serving persons living with serious mental illnesses and their families.