Public Policy Committee:

Our public policy committee keeps the legislative process in their site. NAMI Indiana PPC follows what laws are being changed and looks to change laws. Members of this committee will testify at hearings and meet with legislators to provide an understanding of living with mental illness. This group meets once a month.

In Our Own Voice Presenter:

In Our Own Voice volunteers get the opportunity to share their story of living in recovery. IOOV presenters talk to various groups to help end the stigma associated with mental illnesses. People who hear an IOOV presentation are able to leave with the knowledge that mental illnesses are treatable.

Family-to-Family Leaders:

Family-to-Family Leaders lead the 8 week educational class for families or caregivers of someone living with a mental illness. Facilitators are trained by NAMI Indiana staff. Two trained facilitators will lead classes in their local community.

Peer-to-Peer Leaders:

Peer-to-Peer Leaders lead the 8 week educational class that helps people who are in or looking to live in recovery with their mental illness. As a facilitator you and another peer presenter will lead the class in learning ways to cope and maintain recovery. Peer-to-Peer facilitators are trained through NAMI Indiana.

NAMI Family Support Group Facilitator:

NAMI Family support group facilitators lead our family support groups for families and friends of people who are living with a mental illness. Support groups are held all around the state and are offered free to adults. Facilitators are trained by NAMI Indiana staff to help families problem solve and provide an empathetic ear.

Connections Recovery Support Group Facilitator:

Connections support group facilitators lead our support groups for people living with mental illnesses. Connections support groups are held all over the state. Connections facilitators are peers living in recovery. NAMI Indiana holds trainings throughout the year for people interested in  becoming a support group facilitator.

Family & Friends Presenter:

Presenters for Family & Friends lead this seminar designed to inform families and friends of people living with mental illness about the ways they can support their loved one. Presenters are trained by NAMI and lead this program in their local community.

Ending the Silence Presenters:

Ending the Silence presenters are trained young adult speakers who share their recovery story with middle and high school students around the state.  NAMI Indiana staff train and  work with the speakers to help craft their story. 

Sharing Your Story with Law Enforcement Presenter:

Sharing Your Story with Law Enforcement (SYSLE) is a presentation program that prepares individuals and family members to share their stories of lived experience with mental illness to a law enforcement audience, such as during Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training, or other events where mental illness and related topics are featured. This presentation is provided monthly to new staff at prison facilities in Indiana.

NAMI Indiana HelpLine Volunteer

The NAMI Indiana HelpLine is contacted over 1,000 times a year by people across the state who are affected by mental illness and in need of help. HelpLine Specialists provide a vital service to the NAMI Indiana community by responding with empathy to inquiries by phone, email, and social media posts, and by providing valuable information about mental health conditions and treatment options, NAMI education and support programs, and other mental health resources.

NAMI Indiana HelpLine Specialists help individuals and families improve their lives and advance recovery by listening to their concerns and connecting them with essential resources and services. They extend empathy, understanding, respect, and emotional support to everyone contacting the NAMI Indiana HelpLine. As volunteers, they will develop a deep understanding of the mental health landscape, mental illnesses, treatment options, and recovery strategies. They will also experience the appreciation and gratitude expressed by the individuals, families, and caregivers they serve. HelpLine Specialists are asked to volunteer four hours a week for six months. Read the entire HelpLine Volunteer description and requirements here. HelpLine Specialists must go through an application process, click here for an application and contact Elizabeth Boyle at eboyle@namiindiana. org for more information and to apply. 

General Volunteer: 

NAMI Indiana holds several annual events that always need extra hands. Contact our office for more information or begin with an application click here 

For information on any of these groups or programs contact 800-677-6442.

Even if you are not ready to volunteer, you can always make your voice heard. By simply talking openly about mental illnesses you are helping to end stigma and spread awareness. You can always do something!