Mental Health Awareness Month

Celebrating Mental Health Awareness Month 

 May is Mental Health Awareness Month! Since its inception in 1949, Mental Health Awareness Month has been a cornerstone of addressing the challenges faced by millions of Americans living with mental health conditions. Throughout May, NAMI actively participates in this national movement, dedicated to eradicating stigma, extending support, fostering public education and advocating for policies that prioritize the well-being of individuals and families affected by mental illness.

Mental Health Awareness Month provides a perfect opportunity for the NAMI Alliance, our partners and ambassadors to shine a spotlight on NAMI’s work — our mental health resources, local programs and initiatives, as well as helpful information that is available for specific populations such as caregivers, youth and young adults and underrepresented communities.  

At NAMI Indiana we are celebrating through the NAMI Take the Moment campaign that champions the importance of destigmatizing mental health by normalizing the practice of taking moments to prioritize mental health care without guilt or shame. We ask you to Take the Moment and join the celebration by donating online, sign up to volunteer, or become a DIY fundraiser at

As a mental health advocate and NAMI Indiana supporter, you already know of the work we do to support our affiliates, train our volunteers, advocate for positive change in the mental health system, and serve individuals, families, and communities affected by mental health conditions. We appreciate your support in making this a reality. 

 Join us, take the moment and let's make a difference together!

Recognize Mental Health Awareness Month with a donation to NAMI Indiana. 

We strive to create a better tomorrow—a tomorrow where all people affected by mental illness can experience hope, recovery and wellness in a world free of stigma.

When you make a financial contribution to NAMI Indiana, you are helping sustain and further our mental health support and resources, both online and in communities throughout the state.. You help ensure that no individual or family is alone on their mental health journey.

When you make your donation, simply follow the steps to indicate that it is an honorary gift and NAMI Indiana will mail a card on your behalf. Share a message you'd like to send, and we will mail a handwritten card from you to the individual or family you are honoring.  

As a grassroots organization, NAMI is built on volunteers, and the success we have is thanks to you and other mental health advocates. 

 Not only is volunteering a way to support other people, it can also boost your mental health along the way. Volunteering and acts of kindness can also decrease stress, increase self-esteem, and add meaning to your life.  

Get involved with your local NAMI and make a difference in your community. Becoming a NAMI volunteer is rewarding and has a real impact on those you serve. You use your experience of living with a mental illness or your experience as a loved one or caregiver of someone living with a mental illness to provide support, education, or awareness to your neighbors. 

We have an exciting new way for you to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month and support NAMI Indiana: NAMI Do-It-Your Way Indiana.  NAMI Do-It-Your-Way Indiana is a DIY Fundraising program that encourages mental health supporters like you to turn what you love into a fundraising campaign for NAMI Indiana. You decide what to do — a birthday fundraiser, an athletic event or a hobby like baking, crafting or knitting — and design your own fundraising campaign on behalf of NAMI Indiana.

For More Information on the NAMI DIY campaign, refer to the "What is NAMI Do-It-Your-Way" section

What Is NAMI Do-It-Your-Way?
NAMI Do-It-Your-Way Indiana Fundraising

We are thrilled to announce a brand-new customizable fundraising program that will power NAMI Indiana’s mission to provide free mental health support, education and advocacy in our community.

The new program is called NAMI Do-It-Your-Way and aims to help us raise unrestricted funds for our mission.  NAMI Do-It-Your-Way encourages mental health supporters like you to turn what they love into a fundraising campaign for NAMI.

Participants decide what they want to do — a birthday fundraiser, an athletic event or a hobby like baking, crafting or knitting — and design their own fundraising campaign on behalf of NAMI. Popular campaigns include streaming/gaming fundraisers, memorial tributes to honor loved ones and events such as dinner parties, golf outings or fashion shows. 

The best part: 100% of the funds you raise stay local to support our community. 

To learn more and join NAMI Indiana Do-It-Your-Way, visit our website at and select one of six campaign types such as a memorial, athletic event, streaming, with your company, celebrate someone, or a DIY. You will be directed to a page where you can enter details about your fundraiser, set a personal goal, and create a custom fundraiser link. You will then have access to your own fundraising dashboard and a participant guidebook to help you with your campaign.

What’s fundraising your way look like? We can’t wait to see. 

We are excited to support you on this Do-It-Your-Way journey!